Creating a personal brand for your real estate business may seem like a very simple thing, but do you know that it can be your most powerful asset that could change your sales results?

Think of organizations that have now become household names. How do you think they were able to achieve such publicity? Let’s face it! It wasn’t because they had the catchiest names or the best real estate marketing strategy. It was because they created a personal brand that’s relatable to the minds of their target customers.

In creating such brand personality for their businesses, they were able to get people to understand who they are, what they offer and the value they provide.

Now it is your turn! Let’s learn how you can define your brand.



As stated earlier, selecting a catchy name for your real estate business is not the primary aspect of personal branding. Though your business name distinguishes you from other real estate businesses, it will not do much to improve your sales unless a distinct quality service or product is on offer. But this is not to say that you shouldn’t be succinct when naming your business.

To define your personal brand, there are four things you need to figure out before you can brand yourself right and create the identity people want to get behind.

–         Brand Statement

–         Brand Values

–         Brand Attributes

–         Brand Aesthetics



A brand statement is among the first things you need to figure out to rightly brand your real estate business. Brand statements are short descriptive sentences that explain what you do and highlight what makes your company unique. Usually, a sentence or at most three sentences, a brand statement summarizes your expertise, mission, passion and promise to potential clients.

But here is the reason you should have one. An accurate and memorable brand statement is the best way to relate what you do to people without boring them with the details. It is also the commitment you wish to communicate to your customers and the target market as a whole.

Perhaps, you have one now that doesn’t quite capture your unique selling points? Not to worry, you can tweak it to have them included since you need them to differentiate your value proposition from that of your competitors. No rule states that your personal brand statement cannot be changed. However, organizations only change or tweak their brand statements when the existing one doesn’t describe or communicate their business focus as they grow.



It is advisable to figure out your brand values before you craft your brand statement. This implies that you’ll have it easier crafting a relatable brand statement if you already know the value you would offer.

For example, Alexander Nelson Consulting is a niche marketing and sales company in Nigeria, and we cater to real estate businesses, real estate investors, real estate agents and professionals alone, thus, our unique value propositions are these:

– We offer creative solutions to real estate businesses to enable them to achieve their set goals, and

– We match and connect home buyers/investors to suitable properties making the sales and purchase faster and a less-daunting experience.

These statements immediately clarify and communicate the benefits customers stand to gain when they choose to do business with us.

Another aspect of personal brand values you need to define is your core values. What are the guiding principles that drive your business? Customers are very keen on that information. This is because your cores values inspire the trust and loyalty you need to ensure your business’s success.

So think about how you carry out your business operations and the value you offer while doing so and begin to articulate it to form your brand values.



Your brand attributes form a part of your personal brand identity. They are qualities or characteristics that define your real estate business as a whole irrespective of what you do or sell. It also hints at your overall personality as an organization.

To identify your brand attributes, you need to look at your business as a person. Then, write down how you would describe it, with at most five different adjectives.

With this exercise, you will be able to discover your brand personality, decide and set the tone and voice for your company.



If we say that brand attributes project the personality of your company, then it is safe to say that brand aesthetics emphasize it. That is why the visual representation of your company is important. It demonstrates and establishes your brand personality, tone and voice.

Brand aesthetics begins with choosing the right colour or colour combinations but it doesn’t stop there. It also covers your graphics designs, your logo and its shape, your brand text and other elements that are crucial to identifying your business when communicating a message.

If your brand look expresses your company’s personality just right, you would be able to make a remarkable impression on your target audience. And when you do, you become memorable. Then, your customers will be able to tell your brand from a distance with just these brand elements even without them seeing your business name.

Having all of these figured out would help you create a personal brand identity that sells.



1. To stand out from the crowd

The first reason to sell your personal brand is to stand out from the crowd: differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Once you have successfully created a likeable and relatable identity, your customers and the market as a whole would be able to recognize your real estate business. They would be able to see your business as a distinguished brand that provides several quality services or products for their use.

2. To inspire trust, customer loyalty and build credibility

When you sell your personal brand as a real estate business, people trust the solutions you provide. You become a to-go expert when they need such services or products that you offer.

With more customers comes the word of mouth marketing that will build you a sterling reputation and good credibility in the real estate business.

3. Brings Focus to Your Business

Selling your personal brand brings focus to your real estate business. It helps you reorganize your priorities and ensure you are reaching the right people.

Paying attention to your core offering as a real estate business will establish your authority in the field and emphasize your value proposition.



In summary, you need to be authentic and consistent with branding if you want your real estate business to become a household name: not just a household name, but one that delivers on its promise.

Branding your real estate business may seem like a simple thing, but you know that it can be more complex than it looks. But, the good thing is that when done right it can improve your sales results.

At Alexander Nelson Consulting, we offer brand consultancy services that would assist you in creating a unique and impressive brand identity for your real estate businesses. We also provide other marketing services that would help you increase your brand awareness among your target audience.

What are you waiting for? Now it is your turn to define your brand.


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