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5 Top Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy  

For every set goal you want to accomplish, you need a plan of action to see it through. This plan of action is your marketing strategy or marketing ideas. You can adopt several real estate marketing ideas to expand your real estate business. No matter the one you decide on, it can be replaced with another until you get your desired results, but there are some fundamentals you should not compromise on.

These fundamentals are the primary steps you ought to put in place to ensure that you not only generate leads but turn them into paying customers. These basic steps help guarantee your success as a real estate business.

Wondering what these fundamentals are? See the top 5 steps that make up the list.

Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

  • Make Your Website SEO Friendly
  • Establish a Solid Presence on Social Media Platforms
  • Consider Social Media Advertising
  • Leverage Search Engine Marketing
  • Keep up communication with Email Marketing


  • Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Your website is an online shop for your real estate business. It is a digital platform that informs your potential clients of who you are, what you do and what they should expect from you. For every real estate marketing strategy, you use, your goal should be to get more visitors to your website to learn more about what you offer.

But the question is, how do you get more visitors to your website when you are not visible? This is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your online visibility on the search engine result page (SERP). When you optimize your website for search engines to access it, it becomes SEO friendly.

How do you Optimize Your Website?

First, find out what your competitors are doing. If there are top competitors who rank high on Google’s search engine result page, you should investigate; investigate what they have done over time to earn that rank on Google, and see how you can improve on it to do better. One of the things you would discover is their use of researched keywords.

Researched keywords are words, terms and phrases your potential customers may search for to find the information they seek. When you have these words reasonably woven together to write the content on your website, it triggers your website’s presence on the search result page.

Research keywords are the bedrock of optimized websites. So if your website content has none of these keywords infused in it, then it’s time to rewrite your website copy or most probably rebuild your website. You would need a skilled copywriter to help you achieve this.

In the same vein, you would want to ensure your website is user-friendly. This means making sure that your website is easy to navigate and loads quickly so that visitors can have access to information on time. Another aspect is to ascertain that your website has an appealing responsive design that can adapt to every screen especially mobile devices. Since most people often search for things on the go, it is a good idea to be discovered when they search using their mobile phones.

You can also optimize your website by updating it regularly. One way to update your website is through well-written and engaging blog content that your potential clients may enjoy. You may enlist the help of a content writer or do it yourself. But remember, these blog contents must be written with researched keywords as explained to improve your online visibility. With more SEO content on your page, the search engine rewards you with a prominent spot on its result page so potential clients can easily find you to do business.

Optimizing your website is one of the digital marketing services that real estate marketing agencies offer. Real estate marketing agencies have the knowledge and experts you need to create an SEO friendly website that supports your real estate marketing strategy.

  • Establish a Solid Presence on Social Media Platforms

A solid presence on social media is another way to get the best out of your real estate marketing strategy. It is not enough to be on social media platforms, but you need to be very active. You can have a strong presence on social media platforms by building massive followership and constantly interacting with them.

How do you increase your social media following?

Primarily, it is by sharing entertaining and educating content that aligns with your business. When you share helpful and engaging content with your followers, you will find yourself with potential and loyal clients for your real estate business soon enough. However, it is crucial to do a competitor analysis first.

This is so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

Improving your social media presence requires dedication and time that you may not have. For this reason, a social media manager would be the right person to manage your platforms to get you quality results.

  • Consider Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the basic steps you can capitalize on to get the most out of your real estate marketing strategy. Social media advertising is when you utilize social media ads to expand your reach as a real estate business. With these ads, you can reach more people other than your followers on social media, gaining more prospective clients as a result.

With its targeting feature, selling and advertising to the target audiences of your real estate business has just become a lot easier and more cost-effective.

  • Leverage Search Engine Marketing

Remember how we said it is paramount to rank high on the search engine results page? This step is another way to take a prominent position on search engines. Search engine marketing, also called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is similar to social media ads because you pay a small fee when a person clicks on your ad. But only this time it is done on search engines.

Search engine marketing is vital to your real estate marketing strategy. It is a fast means to get potential clients. Here is how you do it. You create an ad copy using researched keywords that your potential clients may search for, position it well on the ad platform and ensure you have a ready landing page where you send those who will click on the ad.

With each click on the ad, your number of leads and prospective clients increase.

  • Keep up communication with Email Marketing.

You have not gotten the best result from your real estate marketing strategy if your leads are not paying clients yet. So you need to carry out one more process to make it happen. That process is called Email Marketing.

With so many leads from your website and social media, it is necessary to keep up communication until you have their final decisions. These nurtured relationships via emails are crucial to your real estate marketing strategy and the results.

But how do you get these emails first?

To build an email list, you need to offer something of value in exchange for the emails. These valuables may be an eBook, video content like webinars or other helpful information that potential clients would be willing to access in exchange for their emails. Then, you can send them relevant emails using email automation software at regular intervals. You can also craft a series of newsletters as a monthly share to inform them of different discussions.


Your real estate marketing strategy will only be successful if you maximize different means to convert your leads to paying clients. With these fundamentals in place, you can achieve that goal of conversion.

Do you require a professional to help in this regard?

Alexander Nelson Consulting is an advisory, marketing and sales company that provides support to real estate businesses. We offer several digital marketing services such as Website design, SEO, content writing, copywriting etc. We assist real estate businesses to achieve tangible and quality results from their real estate marketing strategy.

Email: enquiries@alexandernelson.com























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How Printed Marketing Materials Can Help You Win the Day Among Competitors

Our client, James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM)– a facility management company that provides quality facility management services wanted to promote their service product designed for private homeowners, and they wanted this promotion at The Banana Island Festival of Cultures.

The Banana Island festival of Cultures is a festival to celebrate the African heritage and beyond. It is a lively outdoor event with an opportunity for brands to promote their products and services.

Now, here is the obvious question: How can a professional service company inform the attendees of their services without distracting the main program?

It is only with the use of printed marketing materials, of course.

As one of the registered vendors at the festival, James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM), had a spot at the event venue. Armed with these printed marketing materials, they were able to win the day. First distinguished by their display stand and then the flyers, they capture the attention of several guests in attendance.

They engaged participants in conversations about their On-call services and the value offered with this facility management package. At the end of the promotional campaign that day, JCFM received several inquiries from potential clients, and their On-call service package became a more popular service product among owners of private residences.

Even in the digital era, printed marketing materials still have their usefulness.

What are Printed Marketing Materials?

Printed marketing materials are tangible marketing assets that businesses use to inform potential clients about their company, products and services. They may share these materials to present special offers and products or use them to create awareness for their brand. Whichever way, it is an effective way to keep your business topmost on the minds of your potential customers.

Now, whether you are a new business or a well-established one, you need marketing materials to help drive business growth. They are the keys to your success in business. Printed marketing materials can help you reach your target audience in situations when it is apparent that you can’t use digital means. And even when you can, they can be used simultaneously with digital marketing collaterals to create a holistic campaign to achieve your goal.

How Printed Marketing Materials Help You Win the Day

  1. Printed Marketing Makes Your Brand Memorable

Unlike its digital counterparts, print marketing materials are less intrusive. With so many online advertisements going on the internet today, your prospects and customers are certainly overwhelmed. How do you get them to focus on your business and offers? Leverage the power of print.

When your prospects have these marketing materials in their hands, you have successfully stood out from the competition and redirected their attention to your business, at least at that moment. Considering that they will concentrate on the materials for more than just a few fleeting seconds, you will have your brand engraved in their minds.

  1. Printed Marketing Materials Are References

Marketing is a never-ending process with printed materials. Printed marketing materials are long-lasting promotions that prospects may save to engage with you at a later date or perhaps give you a referral.

Remember, since they hold it in their hands and have it in their minds when you make a strong enough impression, they can carry your materials anywhere.

  1. Printed Marketing Materials Reinforce Brand Loyalty

With printed marketing materials, you make it easier for your loyal customers to promote your business, whether solicited or unsolicited. Word of mouth marketing is that natural campaign that happens when your customers are satisfied.

At this time, it would be much better to have a physical representation of your brand so that when they tell others about the value that you offer through your business, they can give out a handy reminder.

  1. Printed Marketing Materials Lends Credibility to Your Business.

To do business with you, your potential customers must believe and trust your business. Some prospects only trust the information they see on printed marketing materials rather than what they see online.

Now wouldn’t you love to win those prospects also together with those who don’t mind reaching you online? Why focus on one when you shouldn’t miss out on both?

Seeing as how you can benefit this much using printed marketing materials, here’s a list of marketing materials you would want to make ready and accessible for use.

Different Types of Printed Marketing Materials You Need

  1. Business Cards

Yes, the humble business cards. A business card is a small helpful marketing material that should have your basic information. It should include your contact details, and its design should be consistent with your branding. It is most crucial to have your business card with you at all times.

Who knows when you might make a sale?

  1. Flyers

Just like our client, James Cubitt Facility Managers (JCFM), you can also win the day with a customized flyer. A flyer is a small handbill that helps you spread the word about your products, services, offers and events. You can print them in bulk and strategically hand them out to achieve your purpose.

  1. Posters

A Unique and Visually attractive poster is one of those printed marketing materials that help you create a strong impression as a business. When put up in a public place, it becomes an attention­-grabbing sign that displays essential information.

It is most effective to relate that big announcement/ vital information you wish to share on posters.

  1. Outdoor Signs

Signs are a great way to help prospects and customers identify and recognize your brand. From fancy expensive digital signs to durable ones, billboards and banners for outdoor advertising, they all work together to help you mark and emphasize your presence.

  1. Letterheads

A custom letterhead shows your professionalism as a business. It is a printed material used for personalized communication with leads and clients from your marketing efforts communicating the value you provide.

  1. Brochures

Brochures are marketing materials that help you tell your story as a business. It is a summarized printed version of your website for potential clients to learn more about your business. Brochures can come in different sizes and styles, depending on your preference.

However, if you must design a brochure that would impact your marketing efforts positively, it must have your brand elements and the necessary information that would drive the intended result.

Where do you begin? Follow the steps.


Steps to Create Effective Printed Marketing Materials

To win the day in every marketing outreach, you need effective marketing materials. So what are the steps to creating one?

  1. Choose a print product that will resonate with your target audience/market

You may not need all of these printed marketing materials at once. However, there may be one or two that would help you accomplish your purpose of marketing. Settle for that, then begin to make production plans.

But first, have you considered if it would be possible to engage your potential customers with your choice? For instance, you want to enlighten the general public about a new offer, and your choice was a flyer. Only a limited number of people would certainly know about this information. But if you include a billboard or banner, it would be possible to reach a higher percentage of prospects.

2. Collect the information you want to share

Information such as your contact details, business name and logo are non-negotiables on marketing material. A compelling copy that clearly explains the intended message is also a necessity.

All of these with an eye-catching design makes it easy to engage potential clients.

3. Be Consistent with Branding

In your design and message, be consistent with using your brand elements. Whether it is a font, colours or tone of voice that sets you apart from other brands, it is essential to stick with it. You do not want to confuse your prospects and clients alike. Consistency across all printed marketing materials is one way to ensure credibility for your business.

It is Your Turn to Win the Day

The usefulness of printed marketing materials, especially in this digital age, has been underrated. But now that you know how advantageous it can be to include these materials as a part of your marketing collateral, you are well on your way to seize every marketing opportunity – especially those offline.

Do you want to win the day, generating leads and acquiring new businesses? Let’s help you give your prospects and clients a memorable and handy reminder of your business.

Email: enquiries@alexandernelson.com

































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Essential Digital Marketing Services Your Real Estate Business Needs in 2021

It’s no doubt that traditional marketing has earned you some results. But how would like to take it a notch higher with digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is using the internet and several other digital platforms to promote your brand, products and services. It is sometimes called Internet marketing or Online Marketing.

This marketing type uses a targeted approach in reaching people who may likely be interested in your business offer, unlike the traditional marketing campaigns that speak to the general public.

That way your marketing effort is concerted and gets more positive results as intended.

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs Digital Marketing Services?

The primary reason is that it helps you achieve measurable results while saving you time, money and resources. Who wouldn’t want to achieve more with less?

Getting found in the competitive real estate market is no easy task. Hence, the reason you need marketing solutions tactics that will propel you as a brand to the face of your ideal customers. With digital marketing, you have the opportunity to market your brand, products and services to your target customers around the clock at a low cost. You also get to grow your brand’s visibility, customers base and business in the long run.

To get started attracting business leads online, you will need a digital marketing strategy. It is the blueprint that guides your marketing efforts to ensure ultimate success. Your digital marketing strategy may involve one or more digital marketing services depending on the intended result you wish to achieve.

Here’s a list of digital marketing services your real estate business needs for profitable results:

 Website Design

Just as you have a physical office where you do business, you also need a place online to showcase your offers to prospective customers when they search online. Creating an online presence for your business starts with a functional website that has the necessary information.

Website Design and development is a digital marketing service your real estate business needs so that your potential customers can find you on the go when they wish to, irrespective of the time and location.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an essential online marketing service that affects the possibility of your business appearing in search engines when people search for things relating to your business.

It is what nudges the search engines such as Google to enlist your business on the result page. SEO is the main criteria necessary to increase the visibility of your website and other digital platforms. When the content on your website and digital platforms are well-optimized for search engines, your business takes a prominent spot online. Then, prospective customers can see and easily reach out to you.

Here is how SEO works. Researched keywords are used to write the information you provide for your website and online platforms. When prospective customers enter such keywords into search engines to get what they want, your business appears.

 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is also a means to boost the visibility of your website on the search engine result page, as SEO does. But it is different from Search engine optimization.

While SEO only uses researched keywords to ensure your business visibility online, search engine marketing uses paid advertisements to achieve this goal. To get the best result from SEM, your website and online platforms should first be optimized for search engines.

This means that SEO comes before SEM. Those researched keywords weaved into your content are the triggers you need to prompt engagement with your target audience. If you intend to reach a larger audience than you already do, this is a digital marketing service you would want to explore for more profitable results.

 Content Writing

For every digital marketing strategy, you need great content to help you connect with your target audience. Content writing is the foundation of every brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Whether you aim to create awareness, tell your business story, sell your property or market your services, it is paramount to have precise information that grabs and keeps your customers’ attention, also conveys the message.

Content Marketing

Content marketing service deals with the creation and distribution of content. Not just written pieces like articles and blog posts, but other valuable content formats such as videos that serve to educate and engage customers, build customer relationships and stimulate interest in your products and services.

Sharing valuable and evergreen content that delights, entertain and enlighten your market audience places your real estate business topmost in their mind.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing service that enables you can market your brand, products and services to target audiences on social platforms.

Your customers and prospects are on social media, so your business should be there too.

Social media marketing allows you to reach your prospects faster. On social media platforms, you can give real-time responses to customer queries building strong customer relationships.

At Alexander Nelson Consulting, we help you with customized digital marketing services that serve your unique business needs. We are a niche advisory, sales and marketing agency focused on growing real estate businesses just as yours.


Now that you understand how digital marketing services can help you achieve more profitable results. Contact us today. Let’s assist you in leveraging precise audience targeting to increase your market reach and grow your business.

Email: enquiries@alexandernelson.com


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Why Real Estate Brochures Are The Keys To Winning Your Next Client

There are several marketing material options that a real estate business may choose from when creating awareness about its brand. One of these choices is a real estate marketing brochure. Nothing does it more than a carefully thought out brochure with a message that is just right.

Like other promotional marketing materials, real estate brochures are handy reminders of your real estate business. They are used to attract and persuade potential clients, also help convey important information to them.

So whether your goal is to get new buyers for your property, engage with existing clients or create awareness for your business, products and services, a real estate marketing brochure keeps your brand within reach, quite literally, in their hands, but also their minds.

What’s unique about a Real Estate Brochure?

A Real estate brochure is a formal print material that helps real estate businesses promote interest in their offers, inform about new additions, increase regular sales and give announcements. In all simplicity, it is an essential part of your real estate business branding process.

If used accurately and distributed tactically, a real estate brochure can become an active part of your marketing strategy that improves your customer reach.

Are you thinking to expand your real estate business visibility? Creating a good marketing brochure is a step on the right path towards achieving that goal.

One other interesting fact about a real estate brochure is that it is a one-time publication, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot update any time. There might be a need to feature new information, or a need arises to improve on the aesthetics conforming to current trends. That is the time to update your real estate brochure. Information on it can be years old but must be relatable enough to create positive press about your business.

Next, real estate brochures are obligatory sales tools if your real estate services/products are aimed at investors or other businesses rather than customers. It is an organized way for businesses as prospective clients to learn about your brand. It speaks a lot about how professional your brand is.

How to capture your audience interest using a Real Estate Brochure?

A real estate brochure that will capture your audience attention must have a visually inviting layout, a consistent look across the fold, and sufficient information to prompt necessary decisions. But this is just the result of a well thought out process. The question to ask is this – What do I need to create an appealing real estate brochure.

First, you need understanding. Yes, you need to understand that a real estate brochure can be promotional or introductory. If it is promotional, you want to raise awareness about your products/services, whether new offers or existing ones. But when your real estate brochure is introductory, it provides general information about your real estate business; who you are as a brand, what you do and what you stand for.

Understanding whether you want a promotional or introductory real estate brochure will go a long way to making your creation process easy. Your choice will serve as a guide on how to structure your content, decide what fold option is suitable, and even the information to provide.

Sometimes, a promotional and introductory real estate brochure may have the same information but what differentiates them is the focus. Are you emphasizing your services or your company profile (Who you are as a brand)? That’s the difference.

Again, promotional real estate brochures may or may not have the company’s description. The logo and contact information suffice as a brand identity. But introductory real estate brochures must bear the services a real estate business offers. Why? That is the only way to signal the value you provide as a business.

How Real Estate Brochure became more effective?

As we move away from ink and paper (print brochures) to online brochures, marketing in real estate gets even better. Online real estate brochures are interactive and are even more efficient to facilitate networking opportunities. Now capturing your audience interest just got easier.

With remarkable features such as the possibility of personalization, quality mobile experience, eligible tracking opportunities, and ease of navigation, you can now reach as many clients as possible with just a click (sharing capabilities). The benefits of online brochures can’t be underrated. Online brochures ensure potential customers and clients have access to enough information about your brand and the value you provide anytime!

Are you having trouble deciding if you need a promotional or introductory real estate brochure? Advice is on hand from Alexander Nelson Consulting – a real estate advisory, sales and marketing agency that can offer you suitable recommendations for better market insights. Contact us.

Email: enquiries@alexandernelson.com

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5 Features Of A Good Real Estate Marketing Brochure

Are you looking for an effective means with a relatively low-cost budget for your real estate product promotion?


A marketing brochure is an exact option with such specifications. It is a pocket-friendly informative print material that helps real estate companies concisely present their products and services to customers.


Choosing the right real estate marketing brochure option for your purpose


The first step to creating a good marketing brochure to accomplish your purpose is to determine what fold option would work for your marketing promotion. Real estate brochures come in varying sizes, paper types and fold options.


So if you have more information to share, a tri-fold brochure is an ideal option for you, but if the information you have is less, a bi-fold brochure is sufficient. The baseline for your choice should be the amount of content you have.


Characteristics of an effective real estate marketing brochure


Blended Colours

An effective real estate marketing brochure has an even colour scheme. Whether you choose to have two or more colours, the secret to an attractive brochure design is colour blending. A real estate marketing brochure with blended colours is eye-catching and sparks the interest to read.


Hence, the reason you need a professional to create your marketing brochure. A professional graphic designer understands colour gradients, so with this information ensures a smooth colour transition when designing to give your brochure an irresistible appeal.


However, the colours used must reflect your company culture because it serves as a visual brand to your customers.


Simple Data placement

Here, simple data placement means arranging information on the brochure in a way that is easy to read and comprehend. Simplicity brings order to your design.


It is advisable to use more data visualization than text due to the short attention span of customers. Data visualizations help communicate complex information quickly.  


 Useful content

 Relevant information is what makes up the contents of your marketing brochure. Standard information such as your company logo, company name and tagline are constants and should not be left out. All information on the marketing brochure must be relevant to achieving the set goal – why you wanted a marketing brochure in the first place.


Contact information, photos, significant icons, product/service details are essential parts of a marketing brochure that come together to create a unifying piece that you want your target audience to notice.


It also means that when designing a real estate marketing brochure, it must be target-specific. The choice of words used and other elements must speak to the target audience of your products.


A compelling call-to-action

 A real estate marketing brochure is not complete without a call to action. A call–to–action is that statement that tells every customer what you expect from them. Call- to actions may be a one-word statement or a phrase, but it must be compelling enough to prompt an action.


An overly long statement as call-to-actions takes up space on the brochure but do not produce the desired result. Highlight call-to-actions with bright colours, and use relevant icons as indicators to set them apart.



 An effective real estate marketing brochure has the merits of balance and uniformity. These qualities show professionalism.


Your marketing brochure must have a consistent flow in message delivery. Images used should be of equal quality (high quality), fonts used should be uniform, and most importantly, it should be legible to read.


The secret to creating effective real estate marketing brochures is to design to fit your content, not the other way around. You mustn’t forcefully adapt your content to a particular brochure design, but create one that suits it well and help engagingly convey your message.


Do you need one that would help you convert your leads to paying customers?


Alexander Nelson Consulting helps brands speak their intent and achieve their goals through visually attractive and captivating brochures. Get in touch with us!

Email: enquiries@alexandernelson.com

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4 Real Estate Marketing Solutions That Creates Your Advantage in The Real Estate Market

In this time and age, when digital marketing seems like the best option for most businesses, Alexander Nelson Consulting has become a skilled player in ensuring the growth of many real estate companies.

We are an advisory, sales and marketing agency focused on providing creative solutions in the property sector. We balance traditional and digital marketing using both approach to interact with your audience and customers.

Our expertise using both methods enables us to create your advantage in the market, giving you an edge over your competition.

Real Estate Marketing Solutions That Create Your Advantage

Property Awareness

We promote your projects, properties and services using proven techniques and practices that will persuade your target audience to respond positively.

We plan a strategy based on research into your customer behaviour and demographic analysis of your target market area, employing a mix that will spread awareness of your offers.


Market Analysis

To create an analysis, we examine current market situations and assess new markets to identify the opportunities and risks obtainable.

Using varied methods of data collection, we can recognize your prospective market potential and provide you with reliable information to make more informed decisions.


Generating sales is as important as developing your projects, properties or services, thus, we have a dedicated sale team that ensures that your offers do not just remain in the minds of your target audience, but they gain them.

Once a plan is in place and we create awareness, our sales team ensures that we convert your leads into paying customers leveraging on timely follow-up and relationship building with your prospective clients.


Brand Consultancy

Whether it is creating a logo, a unique name or communication strategy, Alexander Nelson Consulting helps you devise an outstanding identity as a brand.

We deliver remarkable brand concepts that align with your business goals; bespoke brand consultancy service tailored to your business needs.

Our knowledge of the current trends and expertise in traditional and digital promotions alike makes us a reliable partner when looking to improve your business results. Creativity and originality are our specialties when delivering on your request.

Are you looking for a way to give your real estate business an edge over your competition?

Phone number: 0907 808 0394


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