In this time and age, when digital marketing seems like the best option for most real estate businesses, Alexander Nelson Consulting has become a skilled player in ensuring the growth of many real estate companies.

We are a real estate marketing agency focused on providing creative solutions in the real estate sector. We balance traditional and digital marketing using both marketing approach to interact with your audience and customers.

Our expertise in both marketing methods enables us to create a list of solutions that form your advantage in the real estate market, giving you an edge over your competition.

How we create your advantage in the real estate market?

Property Awareness

We promote your real estate projects, properties and services using proven techniques and practices that will persuade your target audience to respond positively.

We plan a real estate marketing strategy based on research into your customer behaviour and demographic analysis of your target market area, employing a marketing mix that will spread awareness of your real estate products.


Market Analysis

To create a real estate market analysis for your audience, we examine current market situations and assess new markets to identify the opportunities and risks obtainable.

Using varied methods of data collection, we can recognize your prospective real estate market potential and provide you with reliable information to make more informed decisions.


Generating sales is as important as developing your real estate projects, properties or services, thus, we have a dedicated sale team that ensures that your real estate products do not just remain in the minds of your target audience, but they gain them.

Once a real estate marketing plan is in place and we create awareness, our sales team ensures we convert your leads into paying customers leveraging on timely follow-up and relationship building with your prospective clients.


Brand Consultancy

Whether it is creating a logo, a unique name or communication strategy, Alexander Nelson Consulting helps you devise an outstanding identity as a brand.

We deliver remarkable brand solutions that align with your business goals; bespoke brand consultancy service tailored to your business needs.

Our knowledge of the current real estate market trends and expertise in traditional and digital marketing alike makes us a reliable partner when looking to improve your business results as a real estate company. Creativity and originality are our specialties when delivering on your request.

Are you looking for a way to give your real estate business an edge over your competition?

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